Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend News Headlines From Israel

Below are headlines and links to the news stories we're following at Maoz Israel:

Iran to begin new air defense 'war games' ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE ARTICLE #3 HERE

Iran's new nuclear plant to join national grid FULL ARTICLE HERE

Is Honeywell still doing business with Iran? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran arrests 3 lawyers representing activists FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran-backed Hamas calls upon Muslims to kidnap Israelis ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE

Will Hillary Clinton resign over Iran policies? FULL BLOG HERE

Lame-duck U.S. Congress sends $100 million to Lebanese army ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE ARTICLE #3 HERE

198 Congressmen sign letter with questions about Obama's arms sale to Saudi Arabia FULL ARTICLE HERE

Is Egypt secretly enriching uranium? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Turkey moving forward with nuclear plant FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egypt puts out warning, fearing terrorists from Gaza may have snuck in FULL ARTICLE HERE

British army head: the West will never defeat al-Qaida FULL ARTICLE HERE

British politician: 'Israel is the root cause of terrorism' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Sderot, Israel the bomb-shelter capital:

Jimmy Carter says he worked out a deal with his Hamas terrorist friends, to deliver a letter from kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit FULL ARTICLE HERE

Germany source: We missed real opportunity to catch bin Laden FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran ends athlete's career for standing next to Israeli FULL ARTICLE HERE

Report: Soccer legend going to Iran FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinian arrested for insulting Islam on Facebook FULL ARTICLE HERE

Saudi Arabia blocks Facebook FULL ARTICLE HERE

YouTube to take action on terrorist videos FULL ARTICLE HERE

Vertigo may have caused crash that killed two Israelis FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel, UAE, India lead world in buying fighter jets FULL ARTICLE HERE

Latest 'flotilla' sails to Greece instead of Gaza FULL ARTICLE HERE

Guarding Israel's maritime border FULL ARTICLE HERE

The Middle East Problem in under 6 minutes:

Palestinian civil war rages on FULL ARTICLE HERE

Netanyahu, Clinton meet for 7 hours in 'important meeting' FULL ARTICLE HERE

New York Times: U.S. trying to bribe Netanyahu FULL ARTICLE HERE

The new 'most powerful Jew in Washington' meets with Netanyahu promises to keep Obama 'in check' FULL ARTICLE HERE

President Peres backs 'ceding some parts of Israel' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Report: CIA helped Nazis FULL ARTICLE HERE

Austria government engulfed in neo-Nazi scandal FULL ARTICLE HERE

Anti-semitism in Chile FULL ARTICLE HERE

Reaction to Canadian Prime Minister's pro-Israel speech VIDEO HERE

IDF Chief of Staff visiting U.S. and Canada FULL ARTICLE HERE

Arafat's bodyguard: his food wasn't poisoned FULL ARTICLE HERE

Former Prime Minister Sharon, still in a coma, transferred to his home FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hebrew University develops new method for controlling malaria-bearing mosquitoes FULL ARTICLE HERE

New Israeli breakthrough could cure acne, reduce infections, keep milk from spoiling and make juice-boxes bacteria-free FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli solar company expanding to Italy FULL ARTICLE HERE

Unemployment in Israel is at its lowest since 1990 FULL ARTICLE HERE

Two Israelis win medals at Taekwondo competition in Europe FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel approves aliya of 8,000 additional Ethiopian Jews FULL ARTICLE HERE

No more fishing in the Sea of Galilee FULL ARTICLE HERE

Rabbis, imams and priests gather to pray for rain in Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

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