Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday News Headlines From Israel

Below are headlines and links to the news stories we're following at Maoz Israel:

46% of Palestinians favor rocket attacks on Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinian Prime Minister threatens to show in words and actions that Jerusalem is the 'eternal capital of Palestine' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Abbas accuses Iran of trying to sabotage Mideast peace FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran preparing for more government resistance FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran celebrates 31 years since U.S. embassy takeover FULL ARTICLE HERE

International outcry over Iran's plan to stone woman to death ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE

Iran/Georgia sign new travel agreement FULL ARTICLE HERE

After being trained by U.S. now Palestinian soldiers to get 'Islamic indoctrination' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinian TV broadcasts song denying Israel's right to exist FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinian 'news' sites engaging in plagiarism and anti-semitism FULL BLOG HERE

Palestinian game show omits Israel from list of countries that border 'Palestine' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel to ask U.N. not to allow Palestinians to unilaterally declare a state FULL ARTICLE HERE

Clinton: we're working non-stop on peace talks FULL ARTICLE HERE

Will election defeat help Obama better understand Netanyahu? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Cantor to be highest-ranked Jewish U.S. House member ever FULL ARTICLE HERE

Days after election, 'tea party' candidate Marco Rubio coming to Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

New poll shows voters want America to stand with Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

British Foreign Secretary visits Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Rare glimpse inside security at Tel Aviv airport VIDEO HERE

Yemen bomb disarmed just 17 minutes before exploding FULL ARTICLE HERE

Al-Qaeda in Iraq: All Christians are legitimate targets FULL ARTICLE HERE

Poll: Gazans disappointed with Hamas FULL ARTICLE HERE

Rutgers University allowing students to hold Gaza flotilla fundraiser FULL ARTICLE HERE

Oklahoma voters ban Sharia law FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli official fired for racism against Arabs FULL ARTICLE HERE

IDF takes all complaints seriously FULL ARTICLE HERE

Remembering Yitzhak Rabin, 15 years later ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE

Israelis with no 'defined religion' get civil marriage option next week FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli Chief Rabbi thinks all students, not just ultra-orthodox should get help from government FULL ARTICLE HERE

Chief Rabbi of South Africa confronts Desmond Tutu on Israel boycott FULL BLOG HERE

Netanyahu ranked 24th most powerful person FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel, Lebanon battle over gas field FULL ARTICLE HERE

Food prices going up in Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

More children getting life-saving surgery in Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hebrew University getting gift from former Canadian senator FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli company testing new medical device for diabetics FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli professor develops explosives sensor FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel/Britain sign cinematic cooperation deal FULL ARTICLE HERE

Have you ever eaten an Israeli chocolate 'krembo'? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Jerusalem's Bible Zoo:

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