Monday, November 29, 2010

News Headlines From Israel

Below are headlines and links to the stories we're following at Maoz Israel:

Iranian worker: we're making nukes FULL ARTICLE HERE

Mystery surrounds the cyber-missile that temporarily crippled Iran's nuclear ambitions FULL ARTICLE HERE

First Iranian nuclear power plant, is powering up FULL ARTICLE HERE

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman says Iran is lying about nuclear program being 'peaceful' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Attempt to hijack Iran Air flight, foiled FULL ARTICLE HERE

Lebanese Prime Minister turn to Iran to stop Hezbollah FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran offers to protect Lebanon FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran praises Lebanese army clashes with Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

The West wants to be deceived by Iran FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran, Turkmenistan launch gas pipeline FULL ARTICLE HERE

Earthquake jolts southern Iran FULL ARTICLE HERE

2nd star of David found in Iran, may have been built by Israeli engineers before Iranian revolution FULL ARTICLE HERE

Documentary on American hikers being held hostage in Iran:

Lebanon about to explode? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Syria warns of war with Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egyptian President warns of wave of global terror against Israel and its supporters FULL ARTICLE HERE

Fatah officially declares it will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state FULL ARTICLE HERE

Abbas adds more pre-conditions to peace talkFULL ARTICLE HERE

Yitzchak Rabin's son suggests peace plan FULL ARTICLE HERE

Are Jews already a minority 'between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea'? FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hamas: Palestinians must resist against Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel to allow Gaza to export goods, despite terror and Shalit's continued captivity FULL ARTICLE HERE

Saudis stop Hamas terrorists from reaching Syria FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hamas tries to woo hearts and minds of Gazans FULL ARTICLE HERE

India backs Syria in effort to take Golan Heights FULL ARTICLE HERE

Jordan renovates schools in eastern Jerusalem FULL ARTICLE HERE

Saudi King recovering in NY hospital FULL ARTICLE HERE

Turkey's Israel-hating President wins 'Gaddafi prize for human rights' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Party running in Egyptian elections promises to end ties with Israel, if victorious FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egypt snubs U.S. call for election monitors FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egypt arrests 156 Christians, 2 more killed ARTICLE #1 HERE ARTICLE #2 HERE

Muslim genocide of Christians throughout Middle East FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egypt's 'Facebook trial' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Holland issues arrest warrant for Nazi fugitive, 58 years later FULL ARTICLE HERE

Pope's new book discusses views on Jews and Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Princeton group wants to boycott Israeli hummus FULL ARTICLE HERE

Canada announces boycott of conference that turned anti-semitic in past FULL ARTICLE HERE

Bahrain King names Jewish woman to parliament FULL ARTICLE HERE

Ethiopian Israelis getting more positions in government FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli and Italian Air Forces conclude joint exercise FULL ARTICLE HERE

IDF officers targeted with hate-mail from abroad, at their homes FULL ARTICLE HERE

180,000 Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals this year FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli scientists working on biodegradable plastics FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli University releases study on beauty discrimination in job hiring FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli scientists claim breakthrough in hunt for 'anti-matter' FULL ARTICLE HERE

New Israeli research on recycling wastewater FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israelis make list of 'top 100 global thinkers' FULL ARTICLE HERE

How Israel includes autistic teens into military FULL BLOG HERE

New Israeli medical research on risk-taking kids and eating beets FULL ARTICLE HERE

Ben Gurion University architects win award FULL ARTICLE HERE

American Friends of Magen David Adom gets a new CEO FULL ARTICLE HERE

New multi-million dollar reading project will distribute free books to Israeli kids FULL ARTICLE HERE

First woman chosen to lead Israel's university presidents FULL ARTICLE HERE

Haifa, San Francisco renew sister-city relationship FULL ARTICLE HERE

DiCaprio reportedly house-hunting in southern Israel FULL ARTICLE HERE

Slurpees come to Israel! VIDEO HERE

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