Thursday, November 18, 2010

News Headlines From Israel

Below are headlines and links to the news stories we're following at Maoz Israel:

Israel kills senior terrorist from 'Army of Islam' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel decides to withdraw last remaining personnel from Lebanon FULL ARTICLE HERE

Ahmadinejad warns West: stop threatening Iran FULL ARTICLE HERE

Iran war games go on FULL ARTICLE HERE

Nuclear standoff could hurt Iran's cancer patients FULL ARTICLE HERE

Egypt-Iran jointly owned bank used to bypass sanctions FULL ARTICLE HERE

Muslims set fire to Christian homes in southern Egypt FULL ARTICLE HERE

Christian man, daughter killed in Iraq VIDEO HERE

Israel-hating Turkish President leads TIME Magazine 'person of the year' poll FULL ARTICLE HERE

Turkey continues to censor media FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hamas says kidnapped Israeli soldier celebrated Muslim holiday FULL ARTICLE HERE

Anonymous website posts names, photos of IDF soldiers that took part in operation in Gaza, calls them 'war criminals' FULL ARTICLE HERE

Hamas' invitation of Ahmadinejad to Gaza, critized by Egypt FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinian Authority detains Hamas members who were planning a bombing in Jerusalem FULL ARTICLE HERE

3 new high-rise apartment buildings open in Gaza FULL ARTICLE HERE

Netanyahu government coalition again at risk FULL ARTICLE HERE

Palestinians confirm that Abbas turned down peace deal from former Prime Minister Olmert FULL BLOG HERE

U.N. warns Palestinians against unilaterally declaring state FULL ARTICLE HERE

U.N. considering repeating conference that turned anti-semitic FULL ARTICLE HERE

White House honors Holocaust survivor FULL ARTICLE HERE

IDF Chief of Staff visits Washington FULL ARTICLE HERE

Large fire breaks out in historic Tel Aviv high-rise FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israeli students continue to protest bill that favors ultra-orthodox students FULL ARTICLE HERE

How Israel won a debate at Cambridge University FULL ARTICLE HERE

Ben Gurion University:

Israeli bio-med sector opens trade on Nasdaq FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel to join YouTube-Google pilot program FULL ARTICLE HERE

Israel: beautiful, special and amazing FULL BLOG HERE

The most popular names for Jewish babies FULL ARTICLE HERE

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